"Oh no... I didn't bring anything either." Said Shaina. "What should we do?" Asked Lyndel. Shaina looked down, she saw a aqua sled. "Look, we should use the aqua sled." Said Shaina. "Is there another sled?" Asked Lyndel. "Nope. But we can share the sled." Answered Shaina. "Okay." Said Lyndel. Shaina and Lyndel sat on the sled. "Are you ready?" Asked Shaina. "Yep." Repiled Lyndel. Shaina and Lyndel sled down the top mountain. "This is fun!" Laughed Shaina. "Shaina, LOOK! A ROCK! TURN QUICK!" Cried Lyndel. "HOW DO I TUR-" Asked Shaina. But when she said that, they hit the rock. Both of them fell off the Top Mountain. They were somewhere else.

Part 3 coming soon.

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