The first was Experimental Penguins, Super old, the website closed of being old and the 2nd is Penguin Chat, others started remaking it like creating a new web and inputs another copy of Penguin Chat

At the day when Club Penguin created (2005, Oct.24), The mods started beta testing and so happy for the new game that RSnail created. Beta tested: Mancala and others

One day (continue v),

2012, Damen started remaking Old Club Penguin and the url and game changed to other, But its back.

Continue again (v)

I joined in August 2012, Quitted on 2012/2013/2014 (aka went to other games or continued school) and I'm back from idk, October or like August, i can't remember but anyways,

Continue again and again! (v)

2013 or 2012, When all are renovated:

Mowe six' video on youtube has trend and the others started submitting comments such as telling that old items are super nice, the new isn't. There is a guy saying "Old puffles look like a children's drawing and new puffles has a nice graphics".

Well, my opinion for oldcp items are super good, Helps you make look rare/helps your items count with like 200 or 100.

NewCP: I dont like it because there is so much member items. But i really like Anniversary Parties (1st to 10) because it gives us rare items such as Inflatable Duck, Ice Skate Shoes, Blue Lei, or whatever.

2014, Mus Regular even started remaking the Beta Test Party with many bugs.

In Oct. 2015, i started joining the wiki as KEGS116.

And the last,, I started hating XAT chats.

So long right?

BTW, the end.


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