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  • KEGS116

    The Beta Test (story)

    January 2, 2016 by KEGS116



    The first was Experimental Penguins, Super old, the website closed of being old and the 2nd is Penguin Chat, others started remaking it like creating a new web and inputs another copy of Penguin Chat

    At the day when Club Penguin created (2005, Oct.24), The mods started beta testing and so happy for the new game that RSnail created. Beta tested: Mancala and others

    One day (continue v),

    2012, Damen started remaking Old Club Penguin and the url and game changed to other, But its back.

    Continue again (v)

    I joined in August 2012, Quitted on 2012/2013/2014 (aka went to other games or continued school) and I'm back from idk, October or like August, i can't remember but anyways,

    Continue again and again! (v)

    2013 or …

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  • KEGS116

    A story about Herbert

    January 2, 2016 by KEGS116

    One day, Herbert born with a good situation and cute.

    Fairy Godmother 1: I will make him good!

    Fairy Godmother 2: Yes you're right with that!

    Fairy Godmother 2: I will make him cute and huggable and exclusively, a geek!

    At that day, The word OMG created.

    Fairy Godmother 1: OMG!!!!!! :O

    At that day, Herbert grown nice and enrolled on a school named "The Penguin Bear University" and started to be "Top 1" on the achievers list.

    Herbert: *shows medal*

    Herbert: Best on English, Best on Country Trivia, Best on Math, Best on Following Our God, Best On Grammar aka English, Best time went to school, dferygfyergferyfgreyfgfygfyergfyergfyfgeryfg

    Father Herbert: Nice work son.

    At the day that he's adult, He has a step father. When they have a wedding with her m…

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