Lemme just say after all this work, including Herbert's revenge, lest have a little fun... Shall we? I will start with an opening paragraph, and you pick one of four choices, then you say a paragraph of what happens, and put four choices. K? Okay!


Once upon a time, there was a dumb little penguin named bob, he was a tour guide, and he just got his new job! But he sucked at his job a lot. But one day, a penguin came up to him with his friends and said, " Teach me about this awesome place, I just joined!!!" Bob was confused and just said... UHHHHHH but really, bob was just to lazy to do a thing.

Pick one!!!

What does the penguin do?? a) Kill bob

B) Give him a pie and say "It was a troll. Lol. Take my apology pie"

C) turns bob into a brony

D) leaves

Pick one! Yes, I am super weird when I'm not writing a story

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