One day, G Billy was playing his drum in the Penguin Band's igloo. Then Stompin' Bob came in. "G Billy?" he said. "What is that apple on that counter?" "The apple?" G Billy said. "Yeah," said Stompin' Bob. "It's an apple you shouldn't take a bite of," G Billy said. "Not even a sink of your teeth but I'm not gonna tell you what it does. I found it yesterday." "Ok," said Stompin' Bob. Then he leaved. After lunch, Stompin' Bob snuck into G Billy's room. He took the apple and took a bite. Something was strange with him.... He grew vampire teeth and his eyes were dark red. "Now time for those penguins as my meal!" he said as he walked into the living room. "Hello Stompin' Bob!" said Franky. Then Stompin' Bob grabbed him and prepares to gnaw. Petey K quickly grabbed Franky and shouted, "STOMPIN' BOB IS EVIL!!!!!" "CALL THE EPF!!!!!!" cried Franky. G Billy grabbed the phone and called. "EPF!!!" he cried. "Stompin' Bob is being a monster! TURN HIM BACK TO A GOOD PENGUIN!!!!!!!!!" "We got yo covered" said Jet Pack Guy. Then G Billy hung up. Stompin' Bob was gnawing on his flipper. "SHOOO!!!!" he cried. "Everyone escape the curse of Stompin' Bob!!!!!" Then Franky, Petey K, and G Billy ran away from the igloo to the backyard.

To be continued.......

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