I Was Walking On The Beach One Beautiful Morning At Sunrise On The Warm Blue Water Surrounding Beach.I Saw A Handsome Man Walking Along Aslo.He Walked Up To Me And Said Hi. As My Crystal Blue Eyes Shimmered I Said Hi.He Thought I Was Beautiful.We Danced Gracefully For About 10 Mintues. I Was Enjoying Dancing With Him.He Shyly Kissed My Cheeck. I Blushed Bright Red Like A Rose On A Rose Bush Thats Near My Home.Before I Left He Asked What Is Your Full Name? I Replied Avery Grace Woods. He Said Well Than Avery Grace ,I Will See You Around Town I Guess.I Nodded.I Rushed Back To My Small Home.I Was Always Made Fun Of For It.I Loved It Though. As I Rushed Back And Entered I Smiled! And I Ate Some Breakfast.So Then I Went Out Through Out The Kingdom.I Bought Some Bread.I Saw The Queen! She Looked Exactly Like Me.She Looked At Me.

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